On September 17 2005, Anja earned her Schutzhund III title at the Fall Trial with the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo under Judge Uli Rottenberg from Germany. Anja’s total score was 274 and she received “pronounced” in Courage and Fight Drive. Anja was one of only 5 females out of 21 total dogs that competed. She placed Fourth in her class as well as Fourth Place overall. Anja also was awarded First Place overall in Obedience with “High Score” of 96 out of 100 points. Competitors were from the United States and Canada.

In September 2005 Larry and Anja became Members of the Schutzhund III Club. It was a great honor to become part of this exclusive club. Members must earn all four Schtzhund titles with the same dog. Anja earned Schutzhund B and Schutzhund I in 2003, Schutzhund II in 2004, Schutzhund III in 2005. For the last two years 2004, 2005 Anja has been awarded First Place In Obedience with a “V” rating in 2005.

Larry and Anja are also eligible for H.O.T. competition. This is for competitors that are the Handlers, Owners, and Trainers of the dog they are competing with. To be eligible for H.O.T the dog must be one year old or younger when purchased . Anja was purchased at eight weeks and is now four years old.

Unfortunately, photos of the competition were lost during developing.