Butch England, Larry LeoGrande owner of K9 Obedience Training, Charlie Starr and Josh Scutt at a Schutzhund Competition in Statesville, North Carolina.

Professional Media Services

12/2006 To owner Ken Roser and staff, I would like to thank you for the production of my training DVD. Also thank you for the great job you did producing my TV commercial. Your expertise professionalism and knowledge are second to none. You made this project enjoyable and fun. Looking forward to working with you again on my upcoming DVD’s.

Owen Tober

For all the encouragement you gave me when I competed at your Schutzhund trial in 2001. For making me feel at home when I lived at your facility while attending your training school during 2003. I got to meet and work with a variety of clients from Police K-9 teams to the general public. Your knowledge, expertise, professionalism and honesty, I found to be second to none. For all the extra one on one training you provided to me as well as my GSD, Anja. For having enough faith and confidence in my ability and character to act as Assistant as well as Head Instructor at your school for Police K-9 Training on numerous occasions. This has been truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for which I am grateful and will never forget. I look forward to a long and lasting friendship for the years to come.

~ Owen C. Tober has been training dogs for over 30 years. He is the owner and training director of Amsel Training Kennels LLC and Police Service Dogs of America. He was the head trainer for the Buffalo Police Department, the Doberman Pinscher Club of W.N.Y. and the Buffalo Schutzhund Club. He was a former Chief Tester for the American Temperament Test Society, NASA Certified Schutzhund Judge and chief decoy for the German Shepherd Working Dog Club of W.N.Y.

He has sold over 200 trained police dogs throughout the U.S. and Canada.

He has worked with many hundreds of dogs and their owners while conducting obedience classes at numerous locations in the Western New York area. He has trained 5 different breeds to Schutzhund III titles and has trained numerous handlers and dogs to DPO titles. He also gives Police seminars all over the country.

He has competed on an international level and is the trainer and handler of Schutzhund Champion Bac Vom Heldenhain, Schutzhund III, FH, IPO III. His current dog Zigon Vom Geefacker, Schutzhund III, FH I, FH II is the highest scoring dog in the New England Region and is one of only a few dogs in the U.S. to have earned the FH II tracking degree. ~

Josh Scutt

For getting me involved in the sport of Schutzhund. It was great working with you for two years. Thanks for all the knowledge I’ve gained from training, competing and traveling with you. For all the new friends I have made throughout the country.

~ Over 10 years working with the German Shepherd. Trial helper under many different organizations. Titling of dogs, breed Surveys, show conditioning, handling and Obedience. ~

Charlie Starr

For letting me stay at your kennel. For letting me work with your dog, Brason, in North Carolina in bite work. For working with me and my GSD, Anja, in Syracuse this year. Looking forward to seeing you in Kentucky soon and wishing Team Drachefeld the best of luck at this year’s WDA Sieger show.

~ Training, breeding, titling, importing, and showing of the German Shepherd for over 20 years. President of one of the top show kennels in the U.S. Importer and breeder of some of the top German Shepherds in the U.S. ~

Bogdan Sergo

For making me feel comfortable when I competed in the Schutzhund trial in Buffalo. Even though you were judging you made it fun to compete. For the one on one training you provided at your seminar.

~ SVF and FCI International Working Judge (30 years in dogsport)

  • Winner of European FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) Championship 1981; also finished in 3rd and 4th place
  • 20 times on the National Team for Slovenia in the European Championship
  • During 30 years of competing in Schutzhund, has won 1st place in international competition in Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia
  • Has conducted seminars on Tracking, Obedience, and Protection in Italy, Austria, Canada, and the United States


  • In 1977 became an FCI judge
  • In 1988 judged Protection at the 1st WUSV World Championship in Muenster (Germany)
  • In 1991 completed a 3 year specialized judging program in Germany, under the auspices of the SV
  • In 1993 judged Obedience at the 6th WUSV World Championship in Nijmegen (Holland)
  • In 1997 judged Protection at the 10th WUSV World Championship in Luzern (Switzerland)
  • Was second judge in three additional WUSV World Championships
  • From 1982 to 1991 has been Head of Judges and has been responsible for the education of judges in Slovenia
  • Since 1993 has judged in several regions of the USA. ~

Tom Trainor

For selling me my GSD, Anja. Thanks for the hours of training expertise you’ve given me. For making me feel so welcome when I visited your kennel.

~ 30 years experience; owner of one of the top working dog kennels in the U.S. for GSD’s; a successful importer of dogs from the best kennels in Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, and Belgium and placing them in police departments and other working environments. 1981 Nationals, 2nd place; 1983 FH championships winner; 1983 Schutzhund III Tournament winner; WUSV World competitor 1998; WDA Regional Schutzhund III Championship winner 1999; Universal Siegerin 1999 winner. ~

Dave Petrie

For showing me your techniques for dog training. For talking with me at your office in depth about dog training, including wolves. For all the advice you gave me during our phone conversations.

~ 30 years experience; 1977, he was hired by Syracuse University to work in their canine police unit to train their dogs and to patrol the Syracuse University campus. Until 1995, Dave worked with many Upstate New York police departments in developing and training their canine units, as well as many private businesses and individuals in personal protection dogs. During Dave’s career, he has trained dogs for tracking, narcotic detection, explosive detection, personal protection, police canine units, search and rescue and his primary focus, obedience training. ~

Sgt. Jeff Gates

For all the times you worked with me, Josh, and my GSD, Niko. You were always patient and helpful.

~ The head Training Director for the Onondaga Sheriffs K9 Department (City of Syracuse, NY) He has been instrumental in putting over 300 dogs on the street today. Over 20 years experience. ~

Butch England

For working with me and my GSD’s, Niko in Syracuse and Anja in North Carolina.

~ Over 25 years experience in dog training, competing, handling, and breeding; Schutzhund national competitor. ~

Steve House

For all the training tips you gave me in North Carolina. Watching “Indo” do his bite work – very impressive! Thanks for the open invitation to visit your kennel in Kentucky.

~ Steve has been a training helper for the last 20 years He excels at solving bitework problems and getting the most out of the dogs (Show ring training, Conditioning, Protection training, Obedience, Tracking, Showing and handling, Breed Surveys). Members of Schutzhund USA, GSDCA-WDA and the SV.~

To the great group of people I trained with in Syracuse. I am proud to call everyone my friend….