Welcome to K-9 Obedience Training. My name is Larry LeoGrande owner and instructor. All training and instruction is performed by me. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. I started taking obedience lessons in 1983 when I purchased my first German Shepherd dog, Sultan. In 1987 I purchased my next German Shepherd dog, Keesha and attended more obedience training classes.

In 1997, I purchased my next two German Shepherd dogs, litter mates, Niko and Allie. It’s at this time that I started attending various seminars on dog training, which also included behavioral modification. At this point, I competed in AKC Ring competition. I also put CGC titles on my two GSD’s, Niko and Allie.

In 2000, I started working with a trainer in Syracuse, Josh Scutt, and got involved in the sport of schutzhund. I worked with Josh for two years and also began doing helper work for him. It is at this time that I titled both my GSD’s Niko and Allie in schutzhund. This gave me the opportunity to travel and work with some of the best trainers, competitors, breeders and judges in the United States and Europe.

In 2001, I purchased my black female German Shepherd, Anja, from one of the finest working kennels in the United States. In 2003, I started competing with Anja.


Also, in 2003, I attended Amsel Training Kennels, owned by Owen Tober, to expand my training expertise. Upon graduation, I was certified as a Professional Dog Trainer. It was during this time that I acted as Assistant Instructor for several courses at Amsel Kennels as well as Head Instructor on numerous occasions.

I also acted as Assistant Instructor and Head Instructor for several Demonstrations at Erie County Medical Center Emergency Department Camp 911 Program. Included were obedience and handler protection. During these demonstrations, the children were able to interact with the dogs giving them a first hand feel for what the K-9’s can do and also how gentle they are. The kids had a great time and I worked with the camp again in 2004.

In 2004, I purchased my 13 week old Sable female German Shepherd, Carlita. In September 2006 Carlita earned her Schutzhund B title and TR1 in October.

In 2011, I bred my female Carlita and kept a pup Lance. Lance has since earned his BH Title on Oct. 12, 2013 at Schutzhund Club of Buffalo.


Pictured above is Anja. Anja earned her Schutzhund II Title in 2004 with a 1st place obedience score of 95 out of 100. Anja earned her Schutzhund III Title in 2005 with a 1st place obedience score of 96 out of 100!


Pictured above is Carlita. Carlita earned her Schutzland B Title and TR1 in October.


Lance, who turned two in June 2013, earned his Schutzhund BH title on October 12, 2013. The competition was held at the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo.

This is Lance working in March 2015 after a year without training. My injury put me out of training/competitions with Lance. We are now ready to work!